Mass Effect 2

I don't know if you got Mass Effect so far, because I must shamefully admit I haven't. Unfortunately, I happen to know a few more people that would love to play BioWare's game, but some of them only had the time to purchase a copy, while others didn't manage to do at least that. Anyway, here's something to make you go for it - Mass Effect 2! Whoops...did I just say "Mass Effect 2?" Yes, I did, and I must excuse myself. Make that "first downloadable content pack," all right?

Called "Bring Down the Sky," this pack for Mass Effect was announced by BioWare and Electronic Arts earlier today, and comes for free, but there's a little problem. Obviously, you gotta have the original game, but this is not the problem, because those PC gamers get this addon more than 3 months after the Xbox 360 version, so this could be a problem for some.

Anyway, here you have the details...

- Introduces a new race: The vile batarians
- New achievement to unlock<-180x150 Small Rectangle - right->
- Explore a new uncharted world
- Find it on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 400 MS points
- Approximately 90 minutes game time

...and the little story coming to introduce this addon goes like this "A batarian extremist group has hijacked a mobile asteroid station in the Asgard system, setting it on a collision course with the nearby colony world of Terra Nova. Only you, and the hand-picked crew of the Normandy, can save the millions of innocent civilians before the asteroid completes its deadly descent.

This first downloadable content pack further expands the Mass Effect universe and continues the adventures of Commander Shepard and the Normandy crew."

The installer is pretty large, with over 300MB in size for the English and Spanish versions, going as high as 512MB, for the German version. To download it, simply go to the Mass Effect for PC page and follow the instructions there. Good luck!

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Age Of Empires Cheat Codes

There is one thing young gamers usually forget, and it's a pity to see it happening - while new games offer enough entertainment and challenges most of the time, there are some great games released in the past that worth your time for sure, if you were only a baby back in their early days. Age of Empires is one of those games, and despite being over a decade old, it's always as fresh as in the first day. Now, let's cut the talking and get to the Age of Empires cheat codes, because that's why we are here, right?

Contrary to what I usually say about cheats, I must admit there are some codes in Age of Empires that you MUST see. Why? The answer is simple - beyond being just ways to make your life easier and feel like shooting turkeys instead of being overrun by the AI if you're not doing things right and in a timely manner, the codes for Age of Empires include some really funny parts, as we're going to see right away...

1000 gold COINAGE
1000 stone QUARRY
1000 wood WOODSTOCK<-180x150 Small Rectangle - right->
Control animals, not men GAIA
Lose campaign RESIGN
Slay all opponents DIEDIEDIE
Slay selected opponent KILL <1 - 8>
Soldier wields nuclear weapons GIVEMEFISSIONMAN
Upgrade all units STEROIDS
Remove Fog of War NO FOG
Win campaign VICTORY

If the above look pretty interesting, then you haven't seen the following Age of Empires cheat codes yet!

Reincarnation - highlight a member of the general populace and press Enter, followed by typing MEDUSA and march them off to peril. Villagers return as Black Riders, and Black Riders become heavy catapults
Soldier wields nuclear weapons - press Enter, and then type in: E=MC2 TROOPER
Soldier wields laser blaster - press Enter and type in: PHOTON MAN
Rocket launching car - after pressing Enter, type in: BIGDADDY

That's it for today, but don't worry - if you ever feel the need for more Age of Empires cheat codes, there are still a few games in the series remaining to mess with. Just one final advice - if you ever find some collector's edition with all the Age of Empires games in a package, don't think twice - just grab it! I just found such a package for another great game I was playing in late 1990s, and I can't describe the feeling - it's just like unearthing some buried treasure, but we'll talk about my latest find in the future - for now, just enjoy the Age of Empires cheat codes you got!

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BioShock Codes

"The night is getting colder, tainted by the screams of the unfortunate. Maybe I should have drowned with them, but fate has other plans in store for my perdition. The horrible noise can only mean that our crashed plane is sinking fast and I feel the urge to put some between us, lest I join it in the watery grave. Eerily gleaming fires stretch over ocean waves so calm, yet light pieces the darkness with unwavering certainty." Remember our BioShock review? If you don't, then go and read it, because we're talking about a great review of a great game, and once you have done that, you'll be ready to be introduced to the BioShock codes you're looking for...

...although we're not exactly talking about codes. This great game is more than just a shooter, and once you start playing it, it's more than just survival, but that's what you already know, or you'll find out in the future, as I will surely do, since I still have it on my huge "to play" list. Anyway, let's see what you should try, once you have the game installed and ready to go, shall we?<-250x250 Square - right->

- To get the Tonic Collector achievement, always be sure to buy the Tonics first, when buying Plasmids, Tonics, and Upgrades from the Gatherer's Garden, and make sure you search every area for other Tonics. When you get to Point Prometheus, find the three Tonics there. The rest of them are available in the Gatherer's Garden.

- If you want to check Little Sister Savior achievement on your list too, do not harvest a single Little Sister throughout the game, and Tenebaum will reward you with gifts, including Adam, every time you rescue three Little Sisters. Since you get the same amount of Adam as you would if you harvested them, this is the best thing to do - and you also get the achievement!

At last, here's the list with the ten secret achievements in the game:

Defeated Dr. Steinman (15 points): Defeat the crazed Dr. Steinman.
Defeated Peach Wilkins (15 points): Defeat Peach Wilkins.
Restored the Forest (15 points): Restore the forests of Arcadia.
Completed Cohen's Masterpiece (30 points): Complete Sander Cohen's great masterpiece.
Defeated Andrew Ryan (30 points): Defeat Andrew Ryan.
Broke Fontaine's Mind Control (30 points): Break Fontaine's mind control.
Defeated Atlas (100 points): Defeat Atlas.
Became a Big Daddy (30 points): Become a Big Daddy.
Irony (10 points): Take a picture of Sander Cohen's corpse.
Found Cohen's Room (10 points): Enter Sander Cohen's personal quarters.

I know these aren't exactly BioShock codes, but I hope you'll agree with me they're better! After all, who needs codes? Gaming with cheat codes = no fun!

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