How to Find Golden Eggs in Angry Birds

It’s not so easy to find golden eggs in Angry Birds game due to which we have highlighted some of the points that may help you in finding the golden eggs.

Angry bird is one of the most popular iPhone applications these days. If you keep killing all the birds, you would be able to unlock the next level. But in order to find a golden egg, you need to collect three stars and this you can do by aiming for some good high scores. You may be looking for some or all locations of the Golden Egg.

You can pause at any of the level and press “?” button available in the left hand corner. Once it is done, you can find the golden egg on the instruction screen of the White Bird. Between level 5-19: When you look at the right side of the screen, you will find a golden egg and in order to get it you have to throw the yellow bird in that direction of the screen. If you press the “I” button available on the main screen, the golden egg will appear under the White Bird. If you are at level 4-7: You can find the Golden egg on the top right of the cliff and can get it by hitting it with a yellow bird.

Once you reach level 8: Drag coming soon screen to the right hand side and you will see a Golden Egg there. At level 15: you can find Golden Egg under the slingshot platform. To get it, use the yellow bird or boomerang bird whatever suits you the best. At big setup level 10: you have to smash the duck present under the bridge in order to find the Golden Egg. If you are at level 15: zoom out of the screen and you will find a Golden Egg on the left side below the slingshot. You can use a boomerang bird to hit and get that Golden Egg. Another way to get it is to destroy the trophy that is in between two piles of jewels at level 12. Though it’s a hard one to get if you are good in this game, you will not find it difficult to get the Golden Egg. In between level 1-8: you have to zoom out of the screen and look in the right corner. You will find an arrow on the right side of the screen. That arrow points to the Golden Egg and you can use red bird or speedy yellow bird to get that Golden Egg.

Apart from tricks to find Golden Egg, let’s focus on some important tips that every player of this game should follow. If you want to know the current position of birds, you can zoom out your screen to see the entire battlefield. Another important thing is that every bird leaves behind some clues, so you can use them to avoid too much of a struggle in finding the Golden Eggs. It’s not necessary that you always have to attack birds from left and right. If you aim at birds from a height, you can attack them from above also.

You can follow these tricks and tips to find out Golden Eggs in Angry Birds that may help you in unlocking all the levels of this game.

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