Outdoor Games for Birthday Party

Combine your birthday bash with cake, ice cream and lots of birthday party outdoor games for fun. Make your kid’s birthday memorable by choosing exciting and easy to play games for kids of all different age and skills.


Very first game that can be played at birthday party is Tails. In this game every child has to tuck sock in their back pocket and as soon as the whistle blows, one player has to grab the tail of other player and protect his own tail from losing. If any player loses the tail, he/she has to sit down and if any player passes nearby, the tail less player can grab the tail of that player and can re-enter the game. This game is best for the animal theme game.

For water theme, you can go with “Tug of Water”. Before starting this game, set up a sprinkle of water in the lawn and divide all the players in two teams and ask both the groups to grab both ends of the rope. Goal of this game is to drag the opposite team towards the sprinkle water. Team who will succeed in dragging the opposite team will be the winner. By organizing such games, kids can learn the importance of team work and co-ordination.

If you want to add sporty touch to your birthday party, you can add Jump Rope Relay. Divide players in two teams and give a rope to each team. On the blow of whistle, first player of both the team have to race to the end line and have to come back to the start line by skipping the rope continuously. Once the player reaches the starting line they have to give rope to another team mate and the race continues till the final winning team is declared.

Treasure Hunt is another game that every child would love to play as they have an excitement of exploring the treasure as they have seen in movies or heard in stories. In order to set this game, you have to hide things like candies, soft toys, chocolates in the garden and ask the children to find those items. In order to boost them up, you can keep some spare items with you and can throw them at some place where kids can find it. In this way, their hope of finding more treasures will grow.

If you want to add puzzle solving game in the birthday party, Balloon Popping will be the best option. Put matching puzzle pieces in the balloon and fill air in it. Then hide or hang the balloons at different places and ask both the teams to search for the balloons and complete the puzzle. You can reward the winning team with chocolates or other small gifts. Another interesting game is Fruit Roll Up and for this game you need to have easy to hang sweets, fruits, string, mini clothes. Tie both the hands of participants with the piece of cloth and ask them to stand on the start line. At the finish line hang all the fruits and sweets using string. As soon as participants hear the whistle sound they have to run and reach the finish line and grab either sweet or fruit whatever they want using mouth. The one who will do the task first will be declared the winner.

There are lots of outdoor games that are ideal for birthday party. Now it depends on your choice as which ones you would like to go for.

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