Grid 2 Street Racing Game

Imagine yourself riding in a bruising muscle car around the downtown of Chicago city. This is exactly what you will be experiencing in this very new street racing game.

Grid 2 has an exciting career mode and great handling feature that gives a great balance between simulation and arcade gaming mode. So irrespective of, whether you are drifting in the hilly areas of Japan or speeding along California's Pacific Coast Highway, Grid 2 will let you try out some superb masterstroke.

Grid 2 Street Racing Game

Even though the cars and highly responsive and quick in movement, you could see a real competition between your car's tires and road. Accelerating too fast in a real-wheel drive could lead to a disaster. So make sure that you manage the handling quite well or else you will end up nowhere. There is an organization named World Series of Racing that is designed to unite the best drivers around the globe and to convince them with your cause of joining this race event, you have to race against these international drivers across different locations. From luxury hummers in Dubai to hot hatches in Barcelona to muscle cars in Miami, you will find all ranges of cars available here. Amid race, you will be extending your fan list, so as to earn WSR, a currency that would help you to move ahead from one event to another. Talking about the gaming background, Grid 2 makes sure that all the locations look gorgeous. From glittering light in Paris to golden sunset in Dubai, you will see the detailing done on these exceptionally superb designs. Irrespective of their visual condition prior and post the race, the cars looks simply amazing. From the roaring engine sound of screeching tires, the whole gaming presentation of Grid 2 is simply superb.

Talking about the career mode, you will be given some new driving disciplines and events such as elimination and time attack. The main highlight of this game could be the automotive ballet where two cars will be racing in the narrow mountain rounds and any kind of collision leads to disqualification. Grid 2 is not about knowing your car by spending more time in the garage. Rather, it’s a street racing game where you will be getting on the road and will be experiencing some of the craziest races of your life, one after another. After completing every milestone, you have to opt among series of vehicles from your garage and get ready for your next racing event. To make the game more challenging in the latter stages, there will be no driving lines available to guide you through the corners. Also, full vehicle damage gets enabled, which means that every single collision and scratch will affect your racing event. So you have to be very much skilled in your driving before you reach at higher levels.

Grid 2 has a multi-player gaming option that allows you to experience split-screen racing, offline. You can try this career mode to get more used-to with your personal car collections. Whereas racing online will let you earn more money and buy new vehicles, upgrade garage, engine, handling and much more.

Grid 2 offers a perfect blend of arcade and simulation racing. Its "Live Routes" feature changes the racing circuit and there is no track map. Only your racing skills will make you stay and win the title.

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