How to Survive Game Review

Want to remove your frustration? How about picking up a baseball bat of your choice and bursting out zombie's skull. Killing zombies were never as much fun performing tasks as it is in "How to Survive" game.

You will always find yourself just a quick jog away from handling zombies. After surviving a couple of levels, you will get access to healing plant that acts as a minor health boost when used with fabric so as to make an effective poultice. While making poultices, time freezes, so you don't have to worry about it.

Crafting weapons on your own is more exciting than finding blueprints. Along with a rifle that can kill almost any damn thing in a single shot, you will also get unlimited supply of ammo. Combat may not be that much great, but it is acceptable for sure. Targeting popping zombies is an easy task to perform. Nocturnal zombies are the most pathetic one, who travel at night and once you shine torch on them, they will either freeze or run, making it easier for you to take the shot. The zombies here have been shown more powerful and effective. They appear all of a sudden out of nowhere and do serious damage.

How to Survive

However, Zombies don't evolve much in this game. They are portrayed weaker than the player, who can go handling from one to an entire group of zombies without putting-in much effort. The whole concept of How to Survive is wrapped up with some challenge maps and horrifying story modes. Also there is an option of bringing a co-player for helping you out for local and online challenges by selecting any of the three available characters to choose from. There is a main event where you have to spend up to 7 hours, just to repair a sea plane. In addition to the missing surprises and a few characters, even the writing is done poorly and is edited. There are certain things that are added in this game with no point of needing it. One of such things is the concept of introducing talking monkeys. Also when the game has reached toward a politely ending, a 20 item scavenger hunt makes no sense at that point of time.

There are not many funny moments to enjoy in this game. Even the horror portion seems to be missing most of the times. The interesting idea of making Zombie based game goes in vain. It could perhaps have become much more realistic game if all the storyline, characters and other action related stuffs were framed as per the requirements. In short, the game could have been neater.

The problem is not about what is there in the game, but it's about what is missing. Developers tried to create something functional, but not desirable. With so many zombie related games out there, developers really have to come up with some unique idea in order to avoid becoming a part of the horde.

If you haven't played any Zombie related game, "How to Survive" could be the one to start with.

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