Video gaming has a very long history, and I don’t know how many of today’s gamers could even imagine that it all started 60 years ago. Yes, you read that right, and I didn’t write it wrong – it’s more than half a century! Are you ready for a quick trip? Here we go…

First, it was a patent filed in 1947 and issued in late 1948, related to a “Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device”, that was inspired by radar displays of the time, allowing its user to control a dot vector drawn on the screen, trying to “hit” targets represented by fixed drawings. Sounds strange?

Next, there was the NIMROD computer, presented at the 1951 Festival of Britain, followed by Alexander Douglas’ OXO for the EDSAC in 1952(practically, a tic-tac-toe game for one of the first computers to be created). If only they would knew what madness will start in a few decades…

A few other low-profile games were developed until 1971, and most of them were played by a handful of people, such as Tennis for Two(1958) or Spacewar!(1961), which became pretty popular, in fact, and today can be found in many Linux versions, as “KSpaceDuel” (obviously, KSpaceDuel is different, but its roots are set back in Spacewar!), or as a Java game for mobile phones.

Anyway, 1971 is the year when the first commercial video-game was released, the coin-operated Computer Space. This used a standard TV as display, and was quickly followed by the first home console, Magnavox Odyssey, in 1972. After them, Atari’s Pong arcade (1972) and home (1975) versions set the video game industry in motion!

PC gaming started in early 80s, with various text-based games and EGA/CGA graphics, but the real history of PC gaming starts in early 90s, when Doom, Quake and Tomb Raider changed everything. Slowly, 3D accelerators started to appear on the market, as well as games supporting them. Examples worth being remembered are Quake 2 and 3dfx’s Voodoo series of 3D cards. Now, it’s all history, but it must be remembered…because it slowly led to what we have today!

What do we have today? Expensive gaming hardware, games that lose the story behind the graphics, but we also have some excellent titles. Once upon a time, it was more about the story, because graphics capabilities were limited. Now, we’re looking at graphics first, in most cases, but I think that soon, we will return to the basics, looking for a good story before anything else.

The gaming industry will soon start moving into the virtual world more than before (Second Life is only a first step, in my opinion), and so gaming will step into a new era.

We were gamers once, we are gamers now, and we’ll be there when gaming will step into each new age, and PlayerzBlog will be there too, as long as you’ll support us!

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