Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review

For those who are bored of playing stupid and repetitive video games or online games, it's time for them to switch to this new social game called Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Here, you are allowed to take in-charge as town's new mayor and manage on-going and planned activities on the Tropical Island. Being a mayor gives you the power to develop the town the way you find it fit. For instance, you can add/construct two or more bridges over the river for the convenience of your city people. Also you can add some pleasing scenery items such as lighthouse, fountains and park etc.

In this game, whenever you unlock any new item, you will find it very rewarding. You have to really work hard to achieve something in Animal Crossing. The Tropical Island will be available after you start playing for 5 continuous days. Once you reach there, you can participate in various tours and timed mini-games such as scavenger hunt, dragonfly-catching and much more. You don't have to stick to any kind of rules/regulations to play these games. "Local Multiplayer" gaming option is there in the Animal Crossing but that option is available once you reach the island. You can join several other games on the internet and can use your Club Tortimer ticket that you have earned in the game.

On the Tropical Island, you have to involve in expanding the place by opening shops. Best part is; you have to follow the daily routine as per your daily-life calendar year. There will be change in day-night cycle and seasons as well. In short, everything here in the Animal Crossing is connected to the internal clock, which means that you have to keep working at different times of the day and week, so as to maximize your products and items. As far as graphics are concerned, they have been upgraded that makes the game look much prettier while playing.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is loaded with all the beautiful things one can ever think of in a fairy world town. With no content of violence, it can be introduced among small kids as well. Also there are no significant targets available for you to achieve. So now, it entirely depends on you, whether you want to build your town or just want to spend time chasing butterflies.

In case you are considering this game in terms of value-for-money, then this game is not for you. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a fun filled game which is totally addictive and quite refreshing as well. You will never get bored even if you are playing for long. Even though it's a multi-player game but in order to enjoy this feature, you need your partners to be available on the internet which may not turn in to your favour most of the time. But not to worry for that, you can even play this game alone and believe me, playing along will definitely make you feel relaxed for sure.

Overall, Animal Crossing is one of the finest social games made ever. So get involved into the game and experience the feel of being the mayor of the town and build it as per your wish. Obviously you would not be able to build the town alone, this is where you social network will come into picture. Make social friends on the internet and encourage them to make a small contribution toward the development of your town.

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