Games to Play for Increasing Typing Speed

Gone are the days when the fountain pen was the soul mate of the writers. The earlier writers could not even digest the typewriters. Typewriters though was a revolutionary invention as they made typing so easy. With the invent of the computers, the rules and techniques are changed. Today,   typewriters aren't used by many . From school-going children to retired people, everyone has something to do with the computers today. Typing accurate and fast is a skill and computers are making it easy as far as accuracy is concerned. With word processing softwares, we can write whatever we want in any format. Nowadays, many people including the book authors are depended on these softwares . You must be thinking why typing is so important. Well, we don't think that any company won't be using computers in today's  technological world . With accuracy problem solved by the computers, the only important thing that remains to be mastered is the speed. Imagine how much time you can save with fast typing. You can actually save hours in a month. You can focus more on content and keep some time to edit your write-up. There are many techniques that help you improve your typing speed. There are some computer games to play for increasing typing speed.


Those who have worked on typewriters know the basics of typing. Without learning and practicing, there is nothing you can achieve. Typing is no exception to that. You need to practice hard to achieve the unbelievable speed. To learn typing you need to start from the basics. The use of all fingers is something that takes time. Usually, people use two to three fingers to type and that reduces the time to finish the write-up. You need to search for those games or tutorials that will teach you which finger needs to be used for pressing a particular key. There are set rules to press keys with all your fingers. Do not try to change the rules. It is a test of patience and it takes lots of patience to learn the art of typing. Start slowly, practice daily, and you are achieve your goal.

The best thing to do is to start your computer and find a typing game on the internet. If you do not have an internet connection, get one; because, without the internet you can't find and play the latest typing games. There are literally hundreds of typing games. They all challenge your writing capability and  provoke you to write fast and accurate at the same time. We will look at some of the games to play for increasing the typing speed.

If you want to train your kid at home, would be the best site. They have different levels and each level is more difficult than the previous one. There are some bubble games, which are quite popular. These games have letters written on the bubbles coming down with an increasing speed. You need to type the letters before the bubbles touch the ground. When you check the internet, you will find that every known type of a computer game has been modified and converted into a typing game. Apart from online games, there are many companies that produce the offline games as well. You can simply buy these games and install on your personal computer. You do not need an internet connection for that.

No matter which game you play and for how much time you spent typing on the computer, the improvement is not proportional to that. The improvement will happen only when you practice correctly. So do not rush through the practice creating short-cuts. The wrong habit takes more time to get away with. Give yourself time and be patient and keep practicing day and night. Skip short-cuts and play different games every day to keep your interest in  typing. Save the ones you like on your PC. Train your fingers and you will realize the real power of typing.

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Scrabble online

Scrabble is a word game played by two to four people. The game is sold in 121 countries in versions of 29 different languages. It is the most famous word game on the planet. It is estimated that more than 100 million Scrabble games have been sold. With the development of the internet, it evolved on the web world also. It is played online in several ways. Scrabble online is fun and delight. The following account informs more about online scrabble.

Basics of Scrabble:

In Scrabble players vie to build high-scoring words on a crossword-like board. It started off as Lexico and became Criss-Cross Words before finally becoming a hit as Scrabble.

The Background of Scrabble:

Scrabble was first commercially published in 1948 by James Brunot. It was designed by Alfred Mosher Butts. In 1953, the U.S. manufacturing rights were licensed to Selchow and Righter. At present, Hasbro owns the Scrabble brand in the U.S. and Canada and Mattel owns the brand elsewhere on the globe.

Play Scrabble Online:

You can play the classic word game Scrabble in a vast variety of ways. The web world helps to take you to some of the paramount places to play and take pleasure in Scrabble online.


• Facebook, the fast growing social networking site has two official versions of Scrabble-

(a). One is for residents of the U.S. and Canada.

(b). The other version is for residents of other countries.

• Another game like Scrabble is Lexulous. It is also presented on facebook. (Lexulous was earlier known as Scrabulous. Its name changed when lawsuits were filed against the creators by both Hasbro and Mattel.)

• Free registration is required to join Facebook

• Electronic Arts runs It is an official place to have fun in Scrabble. Like facebook, it also has two versions of Scrabble-

(a). Classic Scrabble-For two to four players

(b). Scrabble Blast – A solo game rather described as Scrabble meets Boggle

• You can register at free of cost.

• Run by AOL Games, provides five versions of Scrabble to players. These versions include classic board game.

• Other versions include-

(a). Scrabble Blast (play online or download)

(b). Scrabble Cubes (play online)

(c). Scrabble Journey (download only)

(d). Scrabble Rack Attack (play online or download)

• To join registration is free.

Yahoo Games:

A game called Literati is offered by Yahoo Games. This is a crossword game with is similar to Scrabble. You can register yourself free of cost to join Yahoo Games.

You can play Lexulous at, other than facebook. To join registration required is free.


An independent crossword game is Scrabbly. It is a particularly multiplayer online game.

Internet Scrabble Club:

• Several players enjoy it. It is free of charge.

• Various sites offer the chance to play Scrabble online as mentioned above. You can take pleasure in playing this delightful game even without a set. You need not go searching for a set of this game any more. You just have to log-in at any of the above mentioned sites and indulge in pure pleasure while playing this game with your best buddies.

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Gizmondo – the Handheld Gaming Device

Gone are the days when children went to play video games to game parlors. Now big size video games have been transformed to hand held gaming devices. One can find huge range of such handheld devices in the market. The marketing strategies used to promote these devices are so good that not only children but elders are also getting addicted to it. Keeping in mind the taste of children and adults such game consoles are being upgraded frequently. Most of such handheld gaming devices can perform multiple tasks. Such gaming devices are nano size and are loaded with advance technologies. Many gaming companies are there in the field of manufacturing such devices and one such product is Gizmondo.

Gizmondo is a handheld gaming device which was manufactured by Tiger Telematics. Below mentioned are the technical specifications of Gizmondo.

Gizmondo Technical Specifications:

• Gizmondo screen has got TFT screen which is 72mm wide.

• If we talk about resolution it has got 320x240 pixels.

• It is embedded with Samsung ARM9 processor which runs at 400 MHz.

• Gizmondo has 128-bit 3D Graphics accelerator that accelerate maximum of 65536 colors resulting into excellent gaming graphics.

• It contains 64 MB of RAM as internal memory.

• Gizmondo has got built in speakers.

• You can also play multiplayer games on it using Bluetooth technology.

• You can also attach headphone while playing in one of the port. Along with stereo port comes mini-USB port and SD flash card reader so that you can install new games in your handheld gaming device.

• If we talk about power Gizmondo has got removable battery so you can charge it anywhere you wish like.

• It has temperature range of 32F to 130 F (Fahrenheit).

• Now a day’s handheld gaming device also contains MPEG 4 video playback that has an ability to play mp3, WAV and media player 9 files.

• Not only this, one can take picture using its JPEG camera.

• It has SIM card, GPRS tracking application, you can also send and receive MMS through it.

• Gizmondo has functionality of setting polyphonic ringtones.

Tiger Telematics had released Gizmondo with wide screens that support Wi-Fi technology. Gizmondo can also be operated using its Wi-Fi technology. So enjoy the features of Gizmondo by sitting at one of your favorite place. One can find much other functionality with such gaming devices like online compatibility etc. Using its online compatibility one can play online games with their friends sitting across the globe. The graphical image shown over such gaming devices has high resolution of 17 million. You can find handheld gaming devices with multi-screens.

Over Gizmondo you can play various categories of games like racing games, adventure games, fighting games, puzzle games etc. There are N numbers of choices to select from each categories. One can also attach sound like Dolby and DTS to enjoy their games.

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