Funny games at TBS

TBS is the short for Turner broadcasting station. It is an American cable television channel which is owned by Time Warner. This channel shows a great variety of programs. All these programs focus on comedy. TBS is stylized in the logo of the TV channel as ‘TBS’. TBS owns a very simple yet catching slogan of ‘very funny’. The fun this TV channel offers is paramount and unlimited. TBS offers a cyber to its audience with a completely interactive website, games, contests, featuring videos and more.

To indulge in online fun and games, move to the very funny games. The following account throws light on funny games at TBS. Scroll down to know more about them.

Variety of Funny Games at TBS

TBS has different types of games to suite the taste and requirement of each and every individual. Funny games at TBS are categorized into-

• Show games

• Office games

• Most popular games

The above mentioned variety of very funny games at TBS house several games under each one of them. Check out the games that are offered by TBS. You may find your favorite one among them.

1. Show Games

These games are based on TV shows. You can enjoy playing with the characters you watch in a weekly soap. Have a look at some of these show games-

• Don’t wake pops

For online fun and games head to the very funny games to play classics like Friends Bingo, Triple Dog Dare Hangman, Ralphie's Shooting Gallery, House of Payne Playing Spades, Earl's Karma Challenge and Office solitaire

• Backyard mini-golf

You have to hit the ball in the hole in minimum number of strokes. Person with lowest score after eighteen holes is the winner.

Friend’s bingo, faces of payne, bobblehead bash are some more games in this category.

2. Office Games

Among the humorous office games at TBS, some of the games are-

• Coffee Breaker

This game is of item-matching craze. You have to match items in lines of three or more, whether vertically or horizontally. Just click on a coffee break item, and then click on the next to it to switch the items.

• Cubical Warfare

In this game, you have to choose your office weapon like staple pin for stapler, rubber bands for shooting rubber bands and then start with the warfare in your cubical and enjoy.

Other games in this category include laugh lexicon, mazed and confused, office solitaire and many more.

3. Most Popular Games

Most famous games at TBS include stressed out, my boys texas hold ‘em and snack attack.

TBS was initially known as WTCG, UHF global television station which broadcasts from Atlanta, Georgia, during the late part of seventh decade of the last century. WTCG apparently stood for ‘Watch This Channel Grow’. TBS is a network which has developed a comic image for itself. The network has been successful in maintaining this humorous image over the course of several years. And with funny games at TBS, it is proved that it provides pure pleasure and delightful time.

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Commander – Napoleon At War, Updated

"The whole art of war consists in a well-reasoned and extremely circumspect defensive, followed by rapid and audacious attack." If you don't know who said that, there's still a chance for you to fully get to the meaning of those words by taking the place of that man - Napoleon Bonaparte. Of course, I am talking about Commander - Napoleon at War, the second game in the Commander series, a game that just got updated...

Warning: if you hate turn-based strategy games, then this one is not for you, while if you're into military history and TBS battles, this is "a must," but before moving on to the details, let's go through this game's features, shall we?

- 8 campaigns starting from Napoleons assault on Austria in 1805 up to the 100 days campaign ending at Waterloo in 1815.<-180x150 Small Rectangle - right->
- Take control of Napoleon's forces or the Allied Coalition who opposed him, including Britain, Prussia, Austria and Russia.
- Huge map covering all of Europe in amazing detail
- Research many new technologies and control the focus of your nations research.
- Dynamic weather system including mud, snow, storms and more
- Trade routes and privateers
- Fortresses and siege warfare
- 12 different units types including Militia, Line Infantry, Light & Heavy Cavalry, Foot & Horse Artillery, Frigates, Ships of the Line and Pirate raiders.
- Recruit historic commanders such as Ney, Blucher, Wellington & many more.
- Multiplayer via LAN, hot seat, PBEM and Internet

According to the official press release, this update "brings the game to version 1.06 and comes with a variety of changes including some balance tweaks on unit pricing, and the economic strength of some countries. In addition, the update comes with several significant AI enhancements like an increase in AI British naval prowess, greater Russian AI effectiveness in battling France, and more."

To find out more about Commander - Napoleon at War, feel free to jump to Matrixgames' product page and read more - the 1.06 update is also available on that page.

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Battle Of Kharkov

If you say that turn-based strategy is a dead genre, you may be right...almost right, in fact. Leaving aside those great games belonging to it and launched in the past, there are still producers that are keeping it alive, for the joy of all hardcore strategy fans, and I don't have to tell you how glad I felt when I found out that, thanks to an upcoming TBS title, I'll be able to try and change the history once again. Obviously, the war chosen is World War 2, and to make it even more accurate, Matrix Games and Strategic Studies Group have decided to focus on battles fought in a single place, Kharkov.

In the Decisive Battles games series, the Battle of Kharkov has a special place, especially if we think about the fact that history provided not one or two, but three battles fought in that area, between 1941 and 1943, so there's a lot of to try and change as a Soviet commander...but, as you can see in the trailer, I guess those that didn't play any similar game so far won't be crazy about this one, either.

According to David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, "The latest masterpiece from the award-winning Strategic Studies Group has been at the top of many gamers' wish lists and for good reason. Kharkov: Disaster on the Donets brings together the riveting and enjoyable mechanics of the Decisive Battles and Battlefront titles and combines it with plenty of innovation and novel gameplay!"<-180x150 Small Rectangle - right->

The feature list of the game includes improved and simplified supply, movement and direct combat systems, improved combat tables that better model diminishing returns and new HQ bonuses that can affect Direct and Indirect Fire, battalion and regimental combat, as well as improved strong points and new hedgehog rules, amongst many others.

Since Kharkov: Disaster on the Donets is already available, and the system requirements are very low, I am sure those trying to bring back those good old TBS times of the late 1990s will be happy to give this game a try.

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