Gone Home Review

Gone Home is a story-driven game where you will be given a house to explore. As you commence exploring, the house slowly starts revealing the story of the people live there.

The story described here is quite honest, private and beautiful. The way, in which you participate in this story-driven game and start investigating their house, you will be able to put the pieces of the story together and will get to know about the Greenbriar family.

Gone Home

In the Gone Home, you will be playing the role of Kaitlin Greenbriar. After being away from your home for around one year, you have come back from Europe, to your family's new home. On the day of arrival, you had expected your family members to be there, but you find your house empty. Before you could come out of your missing family member's concern, you see a scrawled note, written by your 17-old sister along with some emotional messages, recorded on the phone. This suspense-filled environment will make you feel concerned about the well-being of your sister and other family members.

The Gone Home story mainly focuses on Sam and with every single item you discover, you will hear the narration that she has written to Kaitlin. Such environment will make you understand the kind of situation Sam had gone through. Gone Home is considered to be the best game that narrates human and grounded stories. Throughout the game, as Sam describes her feelings, you will repeatedly find yourself nodding. The way in which Sam reveals herself through her journal entries and her excellent voice quality is amazing. By the time you had solved the mystery of her absence, the place and Sam, both will leave a lasting on you.

Talking about the game environment, it's so much convincing. The place you are exploring seems to be real and not imaginary. You may find Gone Home more or less like a time machine. Even the game's superb ambient score gives you the sense that even though the entire house is empty, there is some kind of energy present all around the place. As you keep exploring the house, you will actually get to know what Greenbriars have been going through. There will be a time when you have no puzzles to solve and there will be nothing that can take you out of your journey. The story line of the game is in so much detail that almost every letter or document you pick up gives you some relevant information about the Greenbriars life.

Gone Home's execution process is flawless. You will be driven by the story you listen to, from the person who is absent throughout the game. In other words, even though you cannot see anyone inside the house, you will always feel the presence of Greenbriars around you.

Gone Home is an important game to play as it does something that other games can never do. This game describes a believable story set in the real world that considers every single character of the game as complex individuals.

If you are among those, who respect the story line of a game and are fond of the elegance with which such an interesting tale is constructed and narrated, maybe you should try out this game.

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