IBB and OBB Puzzle Game Review

It looks so strange when something that looks so calm and catchy can sometimes grow weird and frustrating. Same is the case with the new IBB and OBB puzzle game.

Even though the art is simple, charming and colourful with amazing soundtrack, the real challenge starts at 2D puzzle platform world that has been made quite challenging by introducing duelling forces of gravitational rules and puzzles. One has to definitely be in touch with other players constantly, so as to make through the harder levels at the later stages. Believe it or not, but this method of coordinating and playing actually makes this brain-bending puzzle even more rewarding and interesting.

Throughout the 15 different levels, the base or the idea of the split-gravity world remains the same. At some places gravity is normal, whereas at other places, its upside-down. One can easily differentiate between the two just by looking at the different background colours. Initials stages are all about overcoming the gravity learning curves but with the introduction of higher levels, things like floating bubbles and continuous loops actually makes puzzle more challenging and delightful. There are certain elements in the game that repeats too often, making you feel as if there is some kind of bug/error that makes the puzzle almost impossible to solve. But with little experiment and analysis, one can easily overcome tricks/trips, required for solving higher level puzzles.

However, level of difficulty increases from 8th level, where the designs are too complex, making it hard to understand puzzle. Only the cooperative puzzle-solving technique can make you cross the levels of IBB and OBB. Most of the levels are well-balanced, which makes the gameplay equal for both the players. Also in between the gameplay, if one player dies, other would die too. There are several spiky enemies that release crystals upon dying and the player has to complete as many crystals as possible.

In the single-player gaming mode, both IBB and OBB stick together and are controlled by one player. But this twin-stick-style will not work in the later difficult levels where the contribution of an additional player is required, so as to complete that particular level. Playing in a multi-player mode is quite fun as your stupidity or cleverness will have a direct impact on the gameplay of the other player. Even though it feels great to co-ordinate and work as a team, but in case of online games, this concept does not work so well. Sometimes, finding a co-operative team member online seems to be more frustrating than anything else. As its difficult to communicate with your team partner online without speaking any word, one can use the right stick to draw a line and indicate your partner something specific or important from game point of view.

Overall, IBB and OBB is an excellent 2D based puzzle game based on a unique gravitational concept and a well-coordinated gameplay. It lacks a separate single-player mode but apart from this, IBB and OBB is boasted with brilliant puzzles having superb difficult levels that makes the repetitive level designs easy to forgive. In simple words, IBB and OBB is a must to play game, but only if you pick up a good and reliable partner online.

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