Learn to Fly Review

Learn to Fly is an entertaining flying game where a native of Antarctica, Peter (Penguin) searches for his particular species on the search engine and the information which he receives makes him shocked.

His species is described as a ‘flightless bird’. This is when Peter decides to test his flying skills by simply jumping off an ice ramp. Unfortunately he flew only to a certain distance. As a player, you have to help Peter to collect sufficient funds from every jump he makes and purchase some amazing flying equipment which would help him to cover maximum distance possible in the air.

Learn to Fly

Learn to Fly is an amazing launch game, which adds an amazing experience as you keep enhancing Peter's flight capabilities in a step-by-step manner. You can combine superb gliding mechanisms, specialized aeronautical equipment and rocket-fuelled propeller etc. In simple words, you have to use everything possible to make Peter an undisputed Flight King. But for that, you need to have great patience skills as it's not that easy to get gliding equipment so easily. Every time you take a flight, you will earn some money as a reward, which you can later on use for upgrading flying mechanism. Also, you have to make sure, which flying apparatus is required at a point of time. This game will test your decision making skills, as you decide which strategy you should follow to increase the time duration in the air, every time Peter takes off.

Playing Tips
With every flight, you have to slowly upgrade Peter's flying capabilities. During his first flight, he will cover a short distance, but as soon as you start collecting funds for collecting better equipment, you will realize that his flights last longer and he can fly farther. For every flight, Peter has to slide downhill off an icy ramp and takes off into the air, just above the Southern Ocean. The moment he is airborne, use Left and Right arrow keys on your computer to adjust his flight angle. However, his flight gets over as soon as he lands in the water. For every flight, Peter will be rewarded based on the maximum distance he travelled in the air. The more he flies the more funds he can collect, which would help him with possible upgrades.

Using the income earned from his previous flights, you can purchase equipment, which will improve his "Air Resistance", "Acceleration" and "Ramp Height" etc. Having a "Glider" and a "Rocket Booster" will help Peter with hanging in the air for the longest possible time. Once a Rocket is added, you need to press Space bar for providing a powerful burst of speed via air. Also, you the amount of usage of Rocket propeller entirely depend on the Fuel available. However, you can upgrade fuel levels as well.

At successful completion of the set of 4 "Achievements", you will earn an income bonus and also a heightened launch ramp. So if you want to help Peter to make his dream come true, try this amazing flying game.

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