Pikmin 3 Real Strategy Game Review

After waiting for almost a decade, Pikmin is back finally. It's a real time strategy game where players will be exploring an alien planet and will be controlling tiny creatures called Pikmin.

Pikmin 3 is the latest version of this gaming series where all the three characters went to SPACE in search of resources and bring it back to their planet.

As the game begins, everything seems to be going great when all of a sudden, it started going wrong. The space ship crashes to the planet called Pop-404 and each of the three Pikmin lands to the different sides of the planet. You will start off by controlling Alph in the beginning and will be introduced to the remaining two characters later on. As the Pikmins are really smaller, there are no major cities or landmarks built on the planet. Apart from red, blues and yellows Pikmin, which were known from previous version, two new are introduced in the new Pikmin 3. Red Pikmin is immune to fire, Yellow for electricity, Blue sneaks up on the water, Rock can break the glass and Wings can fly.

The only issue that you may encounter is: the amount of backtracking required during the gameplay. You cannot move wherever you want. While unlocking any new Pikmin, they will move forward. Also Pikmin 3 features the Union of the Onion, which is the "Nest" of Pikmin. The moment you unlock all the three characters, you can create three squadrons of Pikmin, which will add-on number of advantages for the game. One of the Pikmin manages the resources pretty well, while the other one addresses most of the biggest problems in the series. Even though, no Pikmin can go far from the Onion, the whole gameplay happens during the daytime, but luckily, creating new units are relatively easy.

Pikmin is so adorable creatures that you do not want to lose any of them during the gameplay. As far as difficulty level is concerned, Pikmin 3 is a bit smoother game, which satisfies your level of interest throughout the game. You will never get bored and will always be ready to play for some more hours. Even though, Pikmin 3 cannot be considered among the top games graphically, nice animations and varied colors make it a beautiful world to experience for sure. The maps are designed pretty well and you will always find something or the other to explore.

Pikmin 3 is the very first game for consoling devices that truly looks like a next-Gen real time strategy game. It's colorful, crisp and full of detail, making it really interesting to be played on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Several addiction factors such as exploration and puzzle-solving & strategy that make this game even more fun-filled and addictive. You can consider this game as the best way to escape your free hours.

Overall, the new Pikmin 3 is a game beyond comparison. It's a blend of discovery, exploration, strategy and lovable Pikmin characters that makes the game even more interesting.

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