Puzzle Games For Dogs

Many of activities of people with dogs provide the main structure for a better communication between people and their pets. The animals have the opportunity to learn good manners in public, and this makes taking care of them easier, and the cooperation between animals and people will be more efficient. These activities with animals represent an information exchange, and both parties in these activities have something to learn.

Games for dogs boost the relationship between the pets and their owners, because they spend a lot of time together and learn a lot of things about the other. The exercise reduces boredom and animals which exercise with humans will have less behavior problems, because they are already used with human environments and this activities will mean stimulation both for humans and dogs.

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All we have to do is to learn how to have fun with our pets. A lot of people don't know how fun their dog can be, and this is usually happening because they didn't learn how to communicate with their pet. People need to get closer to animal lifestyle and learn better manage the problems, rather than giving up the dog when those problems appear.


If you like puzzles, than maybe you can have this sort activity together with your dog, because they can learn playing puzzles too. Trixie, a pet product manufacturer has launched three interesting puzzles which were designed to challenge dogs and reward them when they positively use their instincts. Toys are graded according to several levels, and owners will develop gradually their dogs' skills, especially the problem solving skills. It is very easy for a lot of owners to go out and play with a ball with their dogs, but this is a new kind of activity especially designed to mentally challenge the dogs. Toys for pets have become very popular in the last years, and this means that the industry is in a continuous growth. This can have only good consequences on pet owners and on pet themselves, because the variety of toys available is daily growing and there are many many new concepts coming on the market.

For the beginners there is a game called Dog Activity Gamble Box, which contains treats, and the dog is encouraged to open the various draws of the box and hunt the treats. This puzzle is retailed in stores for a price around £13 and the game on the next level costs £17.60. The second level includes The Dog Activity Kicker, a challenge in which the dog must push a slider in order to expose the tube filled with treats.


Level three is designed for really advanced dogs. This game costs £33.90 and it consists of a pin board which can be revealed and there are some compartments with treats. The treats are low in the compartments so the dog must also use his paws to remove and enjoy them. All these dog games have rubber feet, which helps the game to stay still and not slip when the dog touches them, and these games include in the packaging instructions and tips from the creators. The designer of these interesting and innovative games is Jens Reinhold, who is, of course, a pet lover.

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