Skylander Swap Force Review

Activision, the world's first independent developer and distributor of video games for gaming devices, is quite popular among kids for its gaming series. Its recent Skylanders franchise is being well accepted by the targeted customer, which in this case are the kids.

Collectible toys have been around most of the kids as they consider it to be one of the precious gifts they could get during their childhood days. Toys, such as Beanie Babies, Barbie fashions, Matchbox cars etc. comes under such collectible toys.

What if somehow these toys come alive through video-game console? This is what Activision tries in its new Skylander game. This game is accompanied by a gaming disk and a "Portal of Power" that gets plugged into your PlayStation or Xbox. As soon as you put a Skylander figurine on the portal, the character gets materialize in the video game. One of the highlighting points of Skylanders Swap Force is that some of the creatures split into two, allowing you to replace their tops and bottoms. One of the widely available starter kits consists of a Blast Zone (a bomb-throwing robot) and a Wash Buckler (a sword-wielding octopus). Just by switching their parts, you will get two new characters Blast Buckler and Wash Zone. In this way, you can swap remaining 16 Swap Force Skylanders, giving you a whole new set of 256 characters, which is quite interesting.

Skylander Swap Force

Each of the Swap Force models contains one of the eight available skills, which include bouncing, climbing, teleporting etc. Swap Force is considered to be the best game of the Skylander series. With the story content filled with silliness, villain Kaos is aggressively destroying the Skylands and you and your swap force models have to stop him anyhow. Experience a beautiful journey across the series of well-designed environment like never before. From snow-cap wearing mountains to the inside of a volcano, whole gaming series is blessed with such beautiful environment scenes all around. To make the game more challenging, there will be puzzles to solve, treasures to find and monsters to fight. Spend all your loot in buying new powers and weapons for your Skylanders.

Skylander's Swap Force is designed by the "Vicarious Visions" studio that has added a new ability to all the characters. They can jump now. The addition of this ability brings-in the feeling that kids used to get during "Super Mario Bros" gameplay. Plenty of running and jumping can now be done by the Swap Force models. Apart from that, they can zip around rails, navigate maze and can do fishing as well. Some of the game's toughest challenges consist of certain areas that can be unlocked via particular Skylander only.

"Swap Force" is one such series of Skylanders that can be played by parents and kids, together. Depending on the story levels, they both can make teams and can face all set of challenges in a cooperative and competitive way. You can survive the game by using just three characters in the starter kit. You can use any of the Skylanders released since 2011.

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