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The topics of the free online games from the internet are very diversified. You can find both games for boys and girls, for both kids and adults. But most of the games can be played by anyone, no matter the age or gender. Some of the games are really silly and funny, while others are more serious and educative. Some will require just a few simple skills of controlling the mouse or keyboard, but others will require some intelligence and concentration. The most famous games that are made to stimulate your mind are the puzzle games.

There are many types of online puzzle games, and  they not refer just to the classical puzzle game (the real one, where you have to combine pieces to make a full image). Usually the online puzzle games require just a few simple clicks, which will trigger different actions. One type is the slide pictures puzzle game. A sliding puzzle game challenges the player to slide flat pieces along certain paths on a board, and to make a certain final configuration. There are different things that you can slide around, for example blocks with smaller images to make a final full image, or blocks with numbers on them, and you will have to arrange those numbers in a certain order.

But the most famous of them are the slide pictures puzzle games. You can find such a game on the famous site. The game is simply called “Click & Slide”. Here you have to place the pieces in the correct order to rebuild the original image. There are 20 cool images that you can choose from, and they include animal pictures (cat, dog, elephant, monkey etc), flower images and also some cool nature images and landscapes. You can also choose the size of your puzzle, between 3 x 3 to 6 x 6. The 3 x 3 is the simplest, with 3 blocks on each dimension and the 6 x 6 is the most difficult one to complete, with a total of 36 blocks. After choosing the desired image and size, all you have to do is click on the blocks to move them, until you have the image in the correct position. Try to complete the image as fast as possible and with as less moves as possible. In the left side of the image you will see your time, the number of moves that you made and also the percentage that you completed so far from the image.

You can also find some nice slide picture puzzle games on There are three games of this type on the site, and they are all featuring some nice images with the Huskers American football team. The first image shows a picture of a player from Huskers while he overtakes other players, the next one shows the Huskers stadium and the third shows the team’s mascot. First you will see the whole image, and after you click the “Start” button, the block will mix with each other. The game has a standard size of 5 x 5. Just click on the blocks to move them around, and try to make the image in the fastest time, with less moves. Your time will be shown in the right side of the screen, while the moves counter is in the left side.

There is even a game that allows you to make a slide puzzle game out of your own pictures! The games that we found is “Picture puzzle 2.1”, and it can be downloaded from this site: . Just download the first file and extract it to a folder and after that install the game. You will find the game pretty annoying, but the fact that you can make a puzzle game out of your own pictures is pretty cool. When entering the game, you will first be asked if you want do buy it or to play it for free. You can spend 10 dollars on it and get rid of all the troubles, but if you don’t want to spend money on it, just click on “Use it for free” button. A condition to play this game for free, is to change your homepage into the one that they want. So you can’t play the game unless you accept this. Of course after you play you can change your homepage back, but it will change again each time you will play the game. Another annoying thing are the pop-ups that will appear when you enter the game.

So after changing your homepage and closing the pop up windows, you can finally play the game. The image that comes from the game is a simple one, with a smiley face. You can play this one, but it’s more fun to play with an image from your computer. This is also a difficult and annoying task and you will see why. There is a browser, but it doesn’t even allow you to browse through all of your partitions…or at least we weren’t able to do this. So you will have to type the location of the picture manually. After writing it, click on the “Change picture button”. And now that image should appear in the game, and you can finally play it. You will first see the whole image, and you have to press the “Scrable” button so that the blocks will mix with each other. If you run out of moves, you can always press the “Hint” button, and you will see a number on each block, that will help you to solve the puzzle. And if you don’t want to play anymore you can press the “Put it back” button, and the image will be complete again, or you can choose another image from your computer. So after all it is an annoying game, but if you really want to play a puzzle game with any image from your computer, you can choose this one. Or maybe you know some other games that allow you to choose your own picture and then play a slide puzzle game with it…if you do, tell us about them too.

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Posted by litlepeg 06/07/2011 9:28 am

I really love the games shown on this site

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