Dead Man’s Draw Review

Luck is considered to be a common factor in many of the card-based games. However, it's not the same for Dead Man's Draw.

Especially designed for iOS platform, winning in this game can occur just by chance. Luck will not help you in this game.

With simple-to-understand rules, playing Dead Man's Draw becomes even more interesting. You will see a pile of cards at the center of the digital table. At your turn, you have to flip the pirate themed cards from the pile. Each card consists of a number and a set. In case you flipped a card and the set matches to the card already flipped on the table, you will lose that round. In case you sense some kind of bad luck in between, you can end your turn by pulling the cards into your deck.

Dead Man's Draw

Most of the time, success of winning depends on the luck of the draw. The best part about Dead Man's Draw is: it is not entirely based on chance. As the game progress, you will unlock sets having a special ability. For example: Cannon card allows you to send any of your opponent's cards to the discard option. Another interesting ability is the Orb, which allows you to see the next card before flipping it. Dead Man's Draw favors a perfect combination of offensive as well as defensive options, making you free from playing under pressure.

There is a single-player mode, consisting of tournaments with its own unique rules that further extend gameplay into different sections. On one side, where a modifier sends all busted cards to the opponent, another one makes you keep your overall score within a certain line and then to let you win. All the interesting missions in this card game comprise of a certain level of strategy, making the game a lot more than just winning it. However, this game takes a downturn as soon as it introduces traits, which can be used by the players to get powerful bonuses. You may get such bonuses during starting missions, but later on, you have to buy them in real. Your enemies are always active while using traits.

In order to make the game more interesting, there is a Pass-and-play mode that allows you to play with another person. Getting bad hands on cards becomes more enjoyable when your friend, opponent experiences the same. As it's a turn-based gameplay, there is no online multiplayer mode available. The concept of adding traits and match modifiers makes this game even more appealing.

In card games, no matter how well you play, "Bad Luck is Bad Luck". You are going to get messed up multiple times and that's for sure. Shortage in traits power up makes your progress a bit slow. With the absence of match modifiers and suit powers, this game would have become a bit frustrating. But if you consider Dead Man's Draw as a local two-player game, it's fun to play, which follows the basic card game, but with a difference.

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