Excalibur: Knight of the King Review

There exist games that can actually push the bar of what can be known as an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online). "Excalibur: Knights of the King" comes under this category.

The storyline is loosely set in Roman Britain, where after King Arthur; you are the chosen one who draws the sword out of the stone. This game prefers "tap" method to move and access different UIs. Using the "Auto—path" feature, you can quest destinations and during the combat scene, a virtual joystick will be your only ray of hope to direct your character.

Excalibur Knight of the King

Excalibur: Knight of the king features simple gameplay. During the on-going game, there will be side quests and daily quests to be done, with no chance of getting deviated. You will find the combat a bit similar to the earlier arcade street—fighter style games. During the combat, your health potion could get deteriorating and you can find "health potions" placed inside the barrel by breaking it and rolling over to us. With every win, you will earn gold drops as a reward. The game provides three distinct characters: Assassin, Knight and Wizard, out of which, you can choose any, as per your interest level. A complex system is introduced in this game, so as to make it more interesting. With the successful completion of every level, your skills will get enhanced automatically, making you more powerful and ready for higher levels.

Excalibur MMO supports two PvP modes: Single and Group. In the prior combat mode, you will combat with an opponent on your level. It will be one-to-one combat situation. In Multiplayer mode, you and your opponent will have 4 players in each team. At every win, irrespective of the mode, players will be rewarded with gold and other benefits. Despite of having so many features, innovative part is still missing. In order to become a successful MMO game, it has to be bug-free. Luckily, Excalibur does not face any bug related issues and runs perfectly on all the compatible platforms.

After every successful completion of a level, different feature gets opened up for you. These features will help you explore more and earn rewards in return. Irrespective of the character you choose to play this game, you will be taken through the same quests and storyline. This game can be downloaded for free and can be played on different platforms, but only if they are compatible with the game. The only thing that you need to take care of; is the good bandwidth speed. Being an MMO, it requires a high internet speed, sufficient enough to let you play the game smoothly.

Overall, the new Excalibur: Knight of the King is a game that can be enjoyed alone and along with friends as well. Different players may have different views about this game, but the more you play it, the more you realize the fact that it takes a great effort and a backpack of skills to successfully complete such MMO games. If MMO gaming category does not fall under your area of interest, maybe you should give it a try, at least when you are getting a chance to play it for free.

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