Good Daddy 2 Review

Ever tried any game based on Father-Son theme? If not, Good Daddy 2 is the perfect option for you to ahead with.

It's a superbly design online Physics-Puzzle game where you, as a Daddy have to help your son passing several hurdles in between and letting him go to school . There is a special power given to Daddy, which when used correctly, will protect the child from getting trapped in danger zones (open chemical sewage, laser lights).

As a special power, Daddy can change his shape. Yes, you heard it right! He can be converted into "Square", "Triangular" and "Balloon" (with flying capability), which will help him in making way for his son and passing off the danger zones. Like any other child, in this game also, the child waits for his Daddy's command to walk and stop. Unless, he doesn't allow him to walk, his son will stand still at his place. It's a great idea to design games having a father and his son as main characters, but the kind of powers given to Daddy is way beyond imagination. Sometime the game itself appears as if, it is based on some futuristic theme where humans can change shape and the landscape is full of danger pitfalls, toxic fumes and live voltages.

Good Daddy 2 Puzzle Game

As far as controls are concerned, left and right arrows are used to move Daddy. When required, you can change Daddy's shape by pressing 1, 2 and 3 number buttons from the keyboard. The change in his shape is entirely based on the kind of hazards Daddy needs to block. Once it's blocked, use space-bar to allow son to walk or stop as per the requirement. In case if you get stuck somewhere, no need to panic. Simply by pressing R you can restart the game and can come up with another possible solution to make your son reach to the open door, without letting him fall in any of the hazards. It's advisable to collect stars during the gameplay. You can use your collected stars to skip a stage by visiting the pause menu.

You may find Good Daddy 2 puzzle game weird, but believe me, it's a superb concept, which has been executed in a superb banner. However, certain bumps are allowed in such puzzle games. While moving Daddy in square or triangular shape, you will find that the box or triangle does not fall in the same way every time. This may force you to restart a level, if Daddy does not land in a required manner.

Talking about the positive features of this game, you will be amazed by experiencing how quickly a level could get complicated if Daddy does not fall at the correct place. This is where your Physics skills will be tested. After completing certain levels, you will start realizing that almost every level has the same types of hazards available, which deviates your interest from the game.

So, if you love playing physics puzzle game and are ready to accept all kinds of challenges, Good Daddy 2 should be at the top position in your preferred puzzle game list.

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